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- Art has always in one way or another

been my way of communicating with the world -

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Originally from New York City, New York.A connection with photography began in high school with the very first photography class assignment; to construct a Box Camera and then afterwards take a photograph with it. To be an artist was always my dream from the age of seven, but to be a cartoonist. Other paths lead me instead to becoming a graphic designer. I worked in the Advertising field for over 25 years from Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and then my own Design Studio.


Through the process of photographing various single images, my goal is to capture and recreate these images by fusing them together graphically and to present them in a new light. The inspiration and challenge always is to constantly observe and photograph objects, people and places, to reconstruct them and to create a unique piece of art for others to enjoy.

Exhibits 2021:

Spectrum Miami Art Show- 12-1-12.5. 2021

Forest & Ocean Gallery, Laguna Beach

Exhibits 2019:

Five3Gallery- Laguna Beach, CA

The Celebration of Artists 2019 Exhibit - Peoria City Hall Art Gallery- 3.1.2019-3.30.2019

NYA Gallery- New York- 6.1..2019- 6.30.2019

Exhibits 2018:

Spectrum Miami Art Show- 12.5-12.9.2018

Gallery 104- New York, NY

Forest & Ocean Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

ArtExpo New York - Pier 94 - Booth 315 - April 19-22

West Valley Art Museum - "Celebration of Artists 2018" - March 1- April 15

Exhibits 2017:

Forest & Ocean Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

West Valley Art Museum -"Celebration of Artists 2017" - March 13- April 21

West Valley Art's Council - "6th Annual Floral & Botanical" - March 9 - April 21

City of Surprise City Hall Gallery for the Fall 2017- accepted pieces-

Red Shoes and Stripe Stockings, Circles Of Life and Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

Exhibit at "Celebrate the Artisit 2017"  -West Valley Art Museum

Exhibit at West Valley Arts Council - 6TH Annual Floral & Botanical

Exhibits 2016:

Forest & Ocean Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA


Exhibits 2015:

New York Art Show - Pier 94 - April 23- April 26

Photo Independent - Hollywood, CA - May 1-3


Exhibits 2014:

Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Philharmonic House Of Design

House Of Glass, The Reef Mart, Los Angeles, CA


Exhibits 2013: 

Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Artist Haven Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl



• 2019- "Mythical Goddess" selected by Art's Commission for the City Of Peoria-

  was purchased and will be part of their permanent art collection.

• 2018- "Honorable Mention" Award" for "MORE THAN A FLOWER" - 

  Light Space & Time online Gallery

• 2018- "Honorable Mention" Award" for "5 O's" - 

  Light Space & Time online Gallery

• 2017- Certificate of Excellance - Artivita - Competion of over 500 submissions -

3 pieces where chosen as part of the top 50 for the San Diego Art Show.

• 2017- "Special Merit Award" for "IMMERSE" - 

  Light Space & Time online Gallery

• 2015 "Award Of Merit"- "WAITING FOR THE 3:05" - Four Point Contemporary

• 2015 "Honorable Mention" Award -"FLOWER ARRANGEMENT -Four Point    


• 2014- Special Recognition Category for "FIRE ESCAPE" - 

  Light Space & Time online Gallery

• 2014- "Special Merit Award" for "FLOWER BED" 

  5th Annula Abstract competition -Light Space & Time online Gallery

• 2013 "Honorable Mention" Award from Artiva Gallery 9th Competiton,

  category photography - 'WELCOME"

• 2013 Semi-Finalist Photograph -Category -Documentary - "TAP TAP"

  Artist Haven Gallery

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instagram: levin.carol

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