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 "Carol has a very keen eye for intricate detail and identifies the creativity or art value in and with anything she touches or can see with her third eye. I am amazed she has not had the exposure she truly deserves with both her graphics background and her photography. If nothing else, she can take any widget and multiply it, alter its shape and texture, and low and behold, she has created something very alluring and my minds eye craves for more to see. Carol is a diamond in the rough with the potential of making a major contribution to the art world."
-Owner at Allen Wolfe Art Photographer/Artist/Designer.
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"Vanguard Visionaries, which acts not only as a curated art directory, but as a global platform to create wider exposure and attention for its participants. We are fortunate to select and curate the candidates for our projects, and do so based on originality, strength and creativity, but also in your case, there was something intense vibrant and intoxicating about your work- its so very very rare in todays art market- especially photography."


- Juliette Townsend, Managing Editor & Curator



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